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Film Scores

Minions Through Time (11 MB MP3)
Kevin, Stuart and Bob (7.1 MB MP3)
Minions Run Amok (3.6 MB MP3)
Tortellini (872 KB MP3)
The VNC (2.9 MB MP3)
Minions In the U.S.A. (5.3 MB MP3)
Orlando (1.9 MB MP3)
Scarlet Overkill (2.7 MB MP3)
Ruby Fight (7.1 MB MP3)
Scarlet's Fortress (8.5 MB MP3)
Traveling Tribe (2 MB MP3)
Tower Of London (4 MB MP3)
Fighting the Crown Keeper (4.2 MB MP3)
King Bob (2.3 MB MP3)
Dungeon Mayhem (1.4 MB MP3)
Goodbye Fabrice (6 MB MP3)
Minion Mission (11.8 MB MP3)
Sneaking In (6.2 MB MP3)
King Kong Kevin (8.4 MB MP3)
Our Hero is Back (3 MB MP3)
Minions Victory (6.8 MB MP3)
Greatest Renegade Unveiling (GRU) (6.8 MB MP3)

If I Stay
Bedside Goodbyes (5.30 MB MP3)
The Operation (2.80 MB MP3)
After the Crash (1.70 MB MP3)

Despicable Me 2
Lucy and the AVL (13.6 MB MP3)
Going to Save the World (3.40 MB MP3)
El Macho (3.50 MB MP3)
Take Her Home (3.60 MB MP3)
The Big Battle (17.70 MB MP3)

The Smurfs 2
Essence in Paris (2.40 MB MP3)
Portrait of Perfection (4.50 MB MP3)
Hand Over Smurfette (3.50 MB MP3)

The Smurfs
Baby's First Picture (2.43 MB MP3)
Clumsy Gets In The Box (2.43 MB MP3)
Race To The Village (2.43 MB MP3)
The Awesome Power Of Me (2.43 MB MP3)

From Prada to Nada
I Miss Dad (1.25 MB MP3)
Selling Mary's Things (1.12 MB MP3)
Mary & Rodrigo Kiss (1.72 MB MP3)
Hospital (2.31 MB MP3)

Despicable Me
Happy Gru (0.96 MB MP3)
Minions March (1.88 MB MP3)
The Moon (2.08 MB MP3)
Korean Lab Heist (5.02 MB MP3)
Gru's Lair (1.35 MB MP3)
Gru's Kitchen (2.28 MB MP3)
Piggy Bank (3.12 MB MP3)

It's Complicated
Main Title (5.95 MB MP3)
The Original Five (1.45 MB MP3)
Date Someone (1.79 MB MP3)
New Addition (1.54 MB MP3)
Jake Arrives to Spy (1.01 MB MP3)
No Regrets (5.02 MB MP3)

Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Papi & Chloe (2.45 MB MP3)
Aunt Viv Leaves (915 KB MP3)
The Girls Go Out (2.44 MB MP3)
The Dog Cages (3.00 MB MP3)
The Market Chase (2.34 MB MP3)
Remember Your Ancestors (1.04 MB MP3)
Diablo's On the Scent (1.09 MB MP3)
Papi Finds Bootie (1.28 MB MP3)
A Promise is a Promise (408 KB MP3)
Traveling Tracks (1.10 MB MP3)
Trouble on the Train (1.43 MB MP3)
Stay Brown Brother (1.30 MB MP3)
Mountain Lions (1.24 MB MP3)
Chi Nation Pt. 1 (1.20 MB MP3)
Chi Nation Pt. 2 (1.01 MB MP3)
Papi to the Rescue (1.08 MB MP3)
Delgado Gets Smell Back (1.27 MB MP3)
The Temple (5.00 MB MP3)
Lets Go Home (2.93 MB MP3)
Almost in Trouble (1.80 MB MP3)
Garden Love (1.48 MB MP3)

Running the Sahara
Opening (1.25 MB MP3)
Senegal Song (909 KB MP3)
Runners Start (1.95 MB MP3)
Bonjour (1.21 MB MP3)
Let's Finish Strong (1.61 MB MP3)
Hitting Their Stride (637 KB MP3)
Timbiktu (901 KB MP3)
The Tenere (1.16 MB MP3)
Halfway (1.11 MB MP3)
Day 55: Agadez, Niger (1.33 MB MP3)
Camel Herd (1.49 MB MP3)
Ambah Foiye (1.92 MB MP3)
Into Libya (995 KB MP3)
Day 78: Tough Go Lately (2.24 MB MP3)
Happy Horns (713 KB MP3)
Pyramids (1.85 MB MP3)
Did You See Charlie? (2.17 MB MP3)
Closing (2.76 MB MP3)

August Rush
August's Jam (Inspired by August Rush) (2.69 MB MP3)
Dueling Guitars (Heitor Pereira Solo Version) (2.93 MB MP3)

Illegal Tender
It Has to End (1.42 MB MP3)
It Has to End Part 2 (1.39 MB MP3)
Life Begins, Life Ends (6.93 MB MP3)
Opening (2.97 MB MP3)
The Chase (2.75 MB MP3)
Unexpected Visitors (5.74 MB MP3)
Wilson Is Not Coming (2.82 MB MP3)

Suburban Girl
Brett and Archie Break Up (2.08 MB MP3)
Brett Reads Archie's Book (2.36 MB MP3)
Latin Hilda (1.94 MB MP3)
Brett Wants To Celebrate (1.49 MB MP3)
I Miss You (1.82 MB MP3)
Leave an Archie (1.96 MB MP3)

Blind Dating
Danny and Larry Drive (1.24 MB MP3)
Danny Sees His Family (3.45 MB MP3)
Hippie Girl (1.82 MB MP3)
Leeza Catches the Bus (1.31 MB MP3)
Leeza Explains (2.72 MB MP3)
Mama's Jazz (3.66 MB MP3)
Opening (4.09 MB MP3)
Romance Love Theme (1.54 MB MP3)

The Holiday
2m21 (801k MP3)
5m53 (1.2 MB MP3)

Curious George
Balloon Rescue (1.58MB MP3)
Cargo Bay (783k MP3)
Find Small Idol (1.57MB MP3)

Ask the Dust
And Another Thing (994k MP3)
Check Enclosed (998k MP3)
Again Arturo B (1.03MB MP3)

Two Weeks
1m04 (851k MP3)
5m05 (1.03 MP3)
Gust 2 (636k MP3)

We're Safe (776k MP3)
The Feds Arrive (1.04MB MP3)

Havana Nights: Dirty Dancing II
Assassination Attempt (930k MP3)
Free Cuba (751k MP3)
Katey's Walk (539k MP3)
Let's Do It (846k MP3)
Silver Screen Dance (1.32MB MP3)
Think About It (710k MP3)

Killer Instinct: From the Files of Agent Candice DeLong
Drive By (457k MP3)
Figuring Out (708k MP3)
First Murder (1.0MB MP3)
He's My Son (1.32MB MP3)
I'm in Love (986k MP3)
It's My Son (1.62MB MP3)
Kids at School (774k MP3)
Love Above All (961k MP3)
MuM at School (670k MP3)
Not My Friend (1.17MB MP3)

Real Women Have Curves
Estella's Sadness (611k MP3)
Grandpa Dreams (861k MP3)
Theme (970k MP3)

Dead in the Water
Boat Trip (1.54MB MP3)
Time Passing (1.46MB MP3)

Riding in Cars with Boys
Ending (3.54MB MP3)
Joy (3.15MB MP3)
Track 13 (1.08MB MP3)
Track 19 (922k MP3)
Track 34 (3.24MB MP3)
Track 39 (3.24MB MP3)

1m10 (960k MP3)
2m30 (956k MP3)
3m36 (783k MP3)
3m37 (610k MP3)
3m38 (1.27MB MP3)

4m20 (1.47MB MP3)
5m28 (1.48MB MP3)

The Rundown
Climbing the Mountain (658k MP3)
Drive to the Bar (844k MP3)
Refrigerator (1.67MB MP3)
River Music (942k MP3)
The Fruits High (949k MP3)

Black Hawk Down
Arrestment (1.71MB MP3)
Bakara (1.43MB MP3)
Holy War (735k MP3)

I Am Sam
Buying Shoes (590k MP3)
Sam's Friends (1.64MB MP3)

The Pledge
Pledge Theme (1.81MB MP3)
Slow Pledge Theme (1.2MB MP3)

An Everlasting Piece
Day Job (895k MP3)
The Piece Maker (565k MP3)
You Gotta Loose to Win (1.24MB MP3)


Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Chloe's Song (1.24 MB MP3)

The Holiday
4m39A Verso E Prosa (2.84MB MP3)
4m39B Meu Passado (2.20MB MP3)

Killer Instinct
Love Song Final (1.36MB MP3)

Havana Nights: Dirty Dancing II
Patrick and Katey's Dance (1.33MB MP3)

Blessed are the Souls (1.08MB MP3)

Dead in the Water
Brincadeira (1.59MB MP3)

Alma Muda (1.45MB MP3)
*available for sale

As Good As It Gets
My Only (2.45MB MP3)
Under Stars (1.95MB MP3)